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Vestiaire Collectives 3 delivery options - Which one is the best?

So you’ve found your next pre-loved or vintage gem on Vestiaire Collective and are ready to order - But which delivery option is the best for you? This post lists and explains Vestiaires 3 different delivery options so you can find out which one to use.

Vestiaire Collective offer three different delivery options:

Authentication & Delivery

When you choose this option, the seller sends the item to Vestiaire Collective to have it personally authenticated by their experts, who also check that the item is in the condition described in the listing. Once the item passes authentication and quality control, Vestiaire sends it to you. On average, delivery with authentication takes 10 days.

The following steps are involved in this type of delivery:

  1. You place an order with authentication Congrats on your new pre-love gem! The seller is immediately notified and prompted to send the item to Vestiaire within 7 days.

  2. Your item is received, checked and shipped to you Your item reaches Vestiaire in 2-7 days of the seller sending it. Their team of experts checks it and ships it to you within 2-4 days (if Vestiaire finds a defect or that the item isn’t as described in the listing, the price could be lowered or the sale cancelled).

  3. Delivery Your order will be delivered to you via courier within 7 days.

  4. Any issues with your order If the item doesn’t meet your expectations once you receive it, you have 72 hours to raise any issues or re-list the item commission free.

If your item hasn’t been sent in 7 days, or 15 if the seller is located in DOM-TOM, Norway, Switzerland, South America, South Africa, Middle East or Asia (with the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore), you’ll automatically receive a full refund.

Direct shipping

This option saves you the authentication fee and lets you receive the item faster since the seller sends it straight to you without first passing Vestiaire (shipping time is reduced by approximately 40%). This option is only available for items priced under $1000 - with the exception of selected brands requiring authentication to eliminate any risk of people using the platform to sell replicas.

Once you receive your item you have 72 hours to raise any issues with it. The same goes for re-listing it free of charge if the item is as stated in the listing but you don't want to keep it.

Express delivery

This delivery option is the fastest one and only available for items currently in stock at one of Vestiaire Collectives warehouses in Paris, New York or Hong Kong (use the location filters to find items near you). These items have already passed Vestiaires authentication and quality control and can be sent to you in as little as 48 hours! You also don’t have to pay the authentication fee, reducing your overall cost.

The estimated delivery time for these items are personalized and indicated in the description of each item with the Express Delivery option.

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