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What is Vestiaire Collective Premium?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

From May 2022 Vestiaire Collective no longer offer a Premium subscription.

If you signed up for a Premium membership previously to May 2022, you don’t have to do anything. Vestiaire will take care of the cancellation process.

What happens to my existing Premium Membership?

  • Your Premium membership won’t automatically renew, instead it will expire without renewal. So no future payments will be made to towards the membership.

  • If you have a longer term subscription, Vestiaire will contact you via email to explain the process.

What is Vestiaire Premium?

If you are a Vestiaire Collective member who buys or sells vintage or second hand items on some sort of regular basis, a Vestiaire Premium subscription could be a good option.

Continue reading to learn what is is, how to subscribe, and how to cancel your subscription if you don’t want it anymore.

Free shipping and first dibs on new listings

As a Vestiaire Collective Premium Subscriber you are able to reserve items in your shopping bag for 30 minutes before other members get a chance to snag them. This gives you some stress-free time to think about your potential purchase before committing to it.

You also get free shipping on up to 12 items per year and access to items before while they are still undergoing the Vestiaires "curation process". In addition, you can have Vestiaire send you alerts via email or the app once new items are listed based on your notification settings.

You have 4 different subscription options to choose from with the monthly cost getting cheaper as you sign up for a longer time period. Find all the details here.

How to subscribe to Vestiaire Premium

Follow this link, scroll down to the subscription types and choose the one that suits you best. You also get the option to sign up for a premium subscription every time you pay for an order on Vestiaire Collective.

How to reserve items as a Vestiaire Premium member

As mentioned above, a premium subscription allows you to reserve items in your shopping bag for 30 minutes. During this time, no other Vestiaire members can purchase the item. Simply add the item to your basket and they are reserved for you! The reservation is automatic and will expire after 30 minutes if you haven’t placed the order, making the item available for all members again.

Keep in mind that you can only reserve one item at a time, and no, you can’t reserve items that already are in another members shopping bag. Keep your notifications and alerts up to date to get your vintage and pre-loved gems before other premium members. 😉

How to cancel Vestiare Premium membership

Vestiaires premium subscriptions are renewed automatically. To stop the renewal and cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

In the app: Me ➡ My Account ➡ My Premium Subscription ➡ Usubscribe

On the website: My ➡ Account Information ➡ My Premium Subscription ➡ Unsubscribe

After following these steps, you will receive a confirmation email about your cancellation. Since the subscriptions are time based, you will still have access to all premium services until the end date of your subscription plan.

If you subscribe to Vestiarie Premium via PayPal, make sure that you also cancel the payments from your PayPal account after completing the previous steps.

Log in to your PayPal account ➡ Open the preferences menu ➡ Click on Payments ➡ Click Show ➡ Then Manage your automatic payments ➡ Find your Vestiaire Premium Subscription ➡ Click Cancel

And voilà! You are done, your subscription will now expire on the date you chose in your subscription plan.

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