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Shipping time for Vestiaire Collective

How long does the shipping time take for Vestiaire Collective? Does it matter if you have a premium membership or not? And what is direct shipping? In this post we answer your questions about Vestiaire's shipping methods.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times can vary quite a lot depending on where the item is shipped from, where it is going, if you choose to have it authenticated or sent directly to you, and if you choose express or standard delivery. Vestiaire will keep you updated via email or in the app so you know where your item is on its way to you. Most times you also get a tracking code from the chosen delivery service to follow your parcel.

How to track your order via your Vestiaire Collective account:

In the app: Me → My orders → Choose the order you want to track

On the website: My Account → Orders & Sales → Order history → Choose the order you want to track

Note: If the seller doesn’t ship your item in 7 days, or 15 days if the seller lives in DOM-TOM, Norway, Switzerland, South America, South Africa, Middle East or Asia (with the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore) you will automatically receive a full refund.

Vestiaire’s guide to delivery times for international and local shipping:

How long do I have to wait for the seller to ship my item?

This depends on the delivery option you have chosen. Vestiaire offer three different ones. Read all about them here.

Items ordered with Express Delivery are already in stock at Vestiaire Collective who will send it to you within 48 hours of your order.

Delivery including authentication gives the seller has 7 days to send the item to Vestiaire. Once there, their team of experts perform the authentication and quality control before sending the item to you. On average, delivery with authentication takes 10 days.

Direct Shipping gives the seller 7 days to ship the item with their chosen courier, who will deliver it straight to you.

How to track your package sent by Vestiaire Collective

Once your item has been checked and approved, it's handed over to the courier. At this point, you will receive an email from Vestiaire with a tracking link. Just click on the link to see the scheduled delivery date.

You also find the tracking information in your account info in the app or on the website: On the App: Me → My Vestiaire → Orders On the Website: My account → Orders & Sales → Order History Note - It can take up to 24 hours from dispatch for the tracking link to display live information. This information is then updated by the courier and not Vestiaire.

What if my order gets lost by the carrier?

If your items tracking info haven’t been updated in over 2 work days, Vestiaire can investigate the situation with the courier. To help the investigation you can prepare the following documents before contacting Vestiaire via this link:

  • A sworn statement clearly stating that you have not received your package. Please include the following information in the statement:

    • Date

    • Your full name

    • The delivery address

    • Your item's tracking number

    • Your Signature

  • A photo or scan of a your valid ID.

Note - You must contact Vestiaire within 14 days of shipping for the courier to be able to search for your package.

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