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Where to buy vintage clothing online

Online stores and marketplaces has opened up a whole new world for shopping vintage and second hand clothing. There are thousands of online boutiques, stores and sellers with worldwide shipping and good refund policies, making vintage finds accessible for all of us. Here is a list of some of the most popular places to shop for vintage and second hand online. The list will continuously be updated.

One of the leading global online marketplaces to buy and sell authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion. It is a great source for premium second hand, luxury vintage pieces and even unbranded second hand finds with great design value. The site and app offer decent filtering options and Vestiaire almost always has some type of promotion going, which is great when youre looking for a deal. Check out this blog post for a guide on How to shop on Vestiaire Collective.

A great place for menswear aficionados. At its core, Grailed is a simple concept: It's a site and app for buying and selling luxury and premium secondhand menswear and streetwear. However, the site also offer articles, editorials and other inspiration for your sartorial endeavors. Mainly focused on menswear but there are some womenswear listings as well, and you can for sure find vintage pieces here.

In their own words Heroine is "A community-driven marketplace for women's fashion and streetwear". It is basically the counterpart to Grailed, focusing on womenswear. The site and app lets people from all over he world buy and sell luxury and premium second hand womenswear and accessories. With the added bonus of sartorial inspiration in the form of articles, editorials and community posts.

Authenticated, luxury consignment, online and in brick-and-mortar stores in The US. TheRealReal offer luxury second hand clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids, with authentication and easy filtering to find just what you are looking for. You need to become a member to get access to all listings and have the option to pay for a premium membership to get pre-access to new drops etc.

A global marketplace where private sellers open up shops to sell handmade and vintage items. Its a great place for curated vintage and second hand pieces, as every shop has its own look and the focus on vintage makes it easy to filter on specific styles and eras to find your dream piece. Etsy also offer a lot of newly made, vintage inspired clothing.

In their own words; "The leading online platform for independent brands and vintage boutiques." Asos Marketplace represents over 800 independent boutiques from all over the world, offering a wide mix of vintage, second hand and retro items. They offer good filtering options and even have a Clearance section for real bargain hunters.

A global marketplace with millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Almost like a huge flea market, it is a great place to find both vintage and second hand pieces from the high-street to the high end designers. Unlike when shopping on Vestiaire however, you need to do the authentication and quality control on your own. Check out this blog post for a guide on How to shop for vintage and premium second hand on eBay.

Originally a social network Depop has a strong community focus. With +21 million private sellers and shops from all over the world you'll have no issue finding second hand and vintage from the high-street to high end designer brands. Depop is mainly targeting a younger group of consumers looking for new styles and ways of wearing trendier items. That being said, you can for sure find timeless vintage, and luxury items on the site as well.

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