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Trusted Seller and Expert Seller badges on Vestiaire Collective

What does it mean to be a Trusted- or Expert Seller on Vestiaire Collective, and how do you become one? This blog post explains how it works, and shares 3 pro tips on how to achieve the Trusted, and Expert seller rank!

Trusted Seller

Vestiaire Collective relies on thousands of individual sellers to be honest and diligent in their listing, packaging, and shipping, of items sold on the platform. Many buyers choose to use the direct shipping option, where Vestiaire has no hand in the packaging and quality control of the pre-loved fashion item, and therefore, as Vestiaire say on their website:

The Trusted, and Expert Seller badges are our way of rewarding reliable sellers and increasing their visibility.

The badge offers buyers added peace of mind as they know that a Trusted Seller has a track record of selling items that live up to their description and are shipped in time. For the seller, the badge increases their profile’s attractiveness to potential buyers, eventually improving sales potential. As a Trusted Seller:

  • The algorithm boosts your items visibility in search results

  • Your badge is clearly displayed on both your items and your profile

How to become a Trusted Seller on Vestiaire Collective

To earn the Trusted Seller badge, you must:

  • Have sold at least 2 items in the last 6 months

  • Have shipped 80% of your sold items within 5 days

  • At least 80% of the items you’ve sold must have matched their description

  • 100% of your sold items have been genuine

If you are a Trusted Seller and no longer meet the criteria, your badge will automatically be removed. But don't worry, you regain it as soon as you meet the criteria again!

Once you've earned your Trusted Seller badge, you can become an Expert Seller by simply keeping up the good work.

Image explaining the criteria for getting the Trusted and Expert Seller badges on Vestiaire Collective

Expert Seller

As an Expert Seller you enjoy all the benefits of being a Trusted Seller, and additionally get your items featured on a dedicated page, accessible from the Vestiaire Collective homepage.

How to become an Expert Seller on Vestiaire Collective

To unlock the Expert Seller badge, you need to:

  • Have sold at least 5 items over the last 6 months

  • Have shipped 90% your sold items within 5 days

  • At least 90% of the items you’ve sold need to have fully matched their description

  • 100% of your sold items have been genuine

As with the Trusted Seller badge, the Expert Seller badge will automatically be removed when you no longer meet the criteria. You will be notified in the app and/or via email once you achieve Trusted- or Expert Seller status.

💡 Pro tip 1 - How to sell more on Vestiaire Collective:

  • Add more images to your listing and remember to show your item being worn to let potential buyers imagine themselves styling and wearing it.

  • Make sure your photos are clear, well lit and shows all angles of your item.

  • Include all details you can think of in your description. Specifically if there are any defects as your item needs to match the description to be approved by Vestiaire.

  • Drop the price of your item to increase its visibility on the platform.

💡 Pro tip 2 - How to sell better on Vestiaire Collective:

  • Always be completely honest in the description of your item. Make sure to highlight any flaws or defects in the description and/or photos.

  • Never, ever, sell an inauthentic item.

  • Add measurements to your item to help potential buyers understand how the clothes will fit them.

💡 Pro tip 3 - How to ship sold items:

  • Ship your sold item as soon as possible.

  • If you are prone to second thoughts, make sure to check your listings regularly and remove any items you no longer want to sell. Cancelling a sale after the fact will have a negative effect on your ranking.

  • Remember to activate Holiday Mode when your’e away and unable to ship in time.

  • Activate notifications to avoid any risk of missing that you’ve made a sale and the shipping time window.

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