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Step 5 of 6 - Your guide to get started with Vintage & Second Hand

Let's go shopping!

Goals for this step: Visit at least one vintage or second hand store and purchase something you like

Estimated time: 5 min read, time for assignment (as long as you need)

We are at lesson 5, and it's high time to visit a vintage store

At this point you know what to expect from your new shopping habit (going all in, start little by little, or just add a vintage accessory to see if you like the vibe). You know what style and look you're going for (have a look at your moodboard if you're unsure), and have a clear vision of the types of items you are looking to add to your wardrobe. Additionally, you have set a vintage shopping budget for yourself to spend on this first test round.

We give you: The ultimate guide to successful vintage and second hand shopping!

  • Wear a comfortable (and not too warm) outfit that is easy to change in and out of. Be pre

pared to try out a lot of clothing.

  • Don't get lost! Some Vintage and a lot of second hand stores can seem disorganized for people not used to the layout, it's wise to plan an in store shopping route. Remember your moodboard and scan the store for your desired type of patterns, color, quality of composition, or garment.

  • Try on everything that catches your eye! Since sizing can vary (a lot), so you wont know if the item actually fits you or not until you try it on.

  • Keep an open mind. To expand your style and find new favorites you need to experiment. If you like the look of something, try it on!

  • Read the labels if they are still present to find care instructions, fabric composition, size or if you're lucky; Chanel.

  • Check the wash tag to find out how to care for the garment. Once back home after your shopping trip, air out or wash your finds to get rid of any “vintage scent” from

the store or previous owner.

  • Don't second guess yourself. If you fall in love with an item, get it. As a vintage lover you mostly regret not getting the items. If it turns out you do regret buying something, donate it and comfort yourself with the fact that you are doing something good for people in need.

  • Finish your shopping trip with a snack and contemplate your experience.


Purchase something you like.


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