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Step 3 of 6 - Your guide to get started with Vintage & Second Hand

Pricing and affordability

Goal for this step: Think about quality, sustainability and pricing of vintage

Estimated time: 10 min read, 5-10 min assignment

Worth it or not?

If an item is worth the price or not isn't really about the number on the price tag. It's about quality, sustainability, style and, most of all; how much you want the item. Second hand shopping enables us to try out new looks and attain a flexible wardrobe for a relatively small expense.

When discussing pricing of vintage and second hand items, we must also consider the environmental benefits of purchasing a pre-loved item instead of something newly produced. Did you know you save 11.000 litres of water every time you buy a pair of jeans second hand instead of new? Shopping pre-loved also spares you the consideration of work conditions for the people making the items, or whether or not the manufacturing process is polluting the planet or not. Many second hand stores add an extra bonus by making the entire sum or part of the money you pay for your items go to people in need.

When vintage and second hand stores price their items they commonly consider the brand, composition and current demand. Essentially meaning that a silk shirt will cost more than a polyester one most of the time, but not always. The polyester shirt could be more expensive than the silk one if it's in high demand. The retail price also affects pricing. An expensive designer brand will almost always be priced higher than a high street one.

Get smart about material and composition

By reading up on materials, quality and sustainability you become a smarter consumer, no matter if you are shopping for vintage or new items.


Think about what makes you consider an item to be of good quality and affordable.

  1. How do you think about the price of clothing and accessories? How much do you spend on clothing every month? Is it a reasonable sum to you?

  2. Set a budget for the first steps of your vintage journey Every serious vintage shopper has to take chances, set a budget that your'e willing to spend to “test” out this vintage shopping thing. What's your vintage budget?



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