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Step 2 of 6 - Your guide to get started with Vintage & Second Hand

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Finding your style

Goals for this step: Understand what you like, and finding inspiration for your personal style

Estimated time: 5 min read, 15 - 60 min assignment

Shift focus from what you can wear to what you like to wear

We easily get stuck in less than optimal routines, and now is the time to shift our focus. So what if you never find the perfect figure hugging jeans, maybe skirts and dresses are more your style. Focus on clothes and styles that make you feel mentally and physically good about yourself, not the ones making you feel uncomfortable or less-than.

Tips for finding vintage and second hand items that make you feel good

Ignore size tags

Sizing have changed over the years and can differentiate between brands and even singular items from the same brand (super frustrating). I therefore recommend ignoring the size tag, try on everything that catches your eye and go for what you find stylish and comfortable.

Many of us squeeze into way-too-small clothing without even thinking about it, many times because we have been brought up with the false notion of the smaller the better. Dare to size up and experiment with your style expression. If the sleeves are just a smidge too short, fold them up a bit, if a dress is baggy, try adding a belt to highlight the waist. Experiment!

Focus on Style rather then Trends

Trends come and go, encouraging a wear and tear style of consumption. Style, on the other hand lasts, but remember, just because a style is supposedly timeless it doesn't necessarily have to be either minimalistic or “classic”. It might just as well entail bold prints or tartan. What matters is that you stick to what you like and feel comfortable wearing.

What do you need?

If you've never set foot in a vintage store before, it is high time to get going. Start with reviewing your existing wardrobe. Is anything missing? Start with the basics, maybe you need a new scarf to match your favorite blazer, or another belt for your jeans? Maybe you need a purse in a larger size? Think about what you need and what inspire you to look for. This is a perfect way to get started.


Create a mood board for your style with images inspiring and defining your personal look. This doesn't exclusively have to be model images of clothing and accessories, but could be colors, textures, and other images in line with the mood and style you are looking to define.

  1. Start with looking around you At work, out and about, in magazines and online. Maybe you really like what your friend is wearing? Or you might have a celebrity style icon? If you find i t hard to define an entire style, you could focus on the details. You might especially enjoy layering, or turned-up jeans?

  2. Write down keywords or find images channeling what you like It might be stripes, tartan, black and white, glamour or rock and roll. Or you might find yourself drawn to florals, warm hues, or drawn to a bygone era.

  3. Create your mood board

    1. Online on Pinterest

    2. With a separate style account or hashtag on Instagram

    3. Cut images from magazines and paste into a physical mood board or notebook

  4. Which of the pieces you define would you want to find vintage or second hand? You might want to start out small with jewelry or accessories, or go straight for outerwear, basics or entire outfits. You might also just want to visit vintage stores with an open mind and see what items you find that aligns with your newly defined style. Enjoy the journey!


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