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Why you should be buying Vintage instead of newly produced clothes

There are several reasons why you should choose to buy vintage clothes instead of newly produced ones. We gathered some of the most compelling ones in a list:

1. Sustainability

Vintage fashion is a more sustainable option as it reuses existing clothes and accessories. We effectively reduce our environmental impact when choosing vintage instead of supporting the production of new garments. There is sadly no denying of the fact that the fashion industry has a massive, negative, impact on the environment.

2. Unique style

Vintage clothing is often one-of-a-kind, with its own unique style and character that sets it apart from modern clothing. Adding vintage pieces to a contemporary wardrobe will make any outfit more special.

3. Quality

Vintage clothes are not always, but often, made from higher quality materials and with better construction techniques than more modern garments. Especially when compared to fast fashion items produced in the last decade. However, always keep an eye on the composition label, an item being vintage is not a guarantee that it is made from great or environmentally sustainable materials.

4. Cost-effective

Vintage clothing items are often found at a lower cost than their newly produced counterparts. Particularly when it comes to luxury vintage pieces. There are very few items that actually increase in value from their retail price, and then scarcity and difficult processes for acquiring the item brand new almost always play a part in the price increase.

5. Timelessness

Vintage clothing, especially from luxury and designer brands, often has a timeless quality and can be worn season after season. And as most of us know by now, fashion is cyclical. Keep your gems for long enough and they might just be a vintage treasure the next time that particular item or style is trending.

6. Personal touch

Vintage clothing has a unique history and story, and it can be satisfying to own a piece of fashion history. Many fashion enthusiasts like to hunt for those legendary items that truly define an era, style, or luxury design house. Like an original Christian Dior Bar jacket, a vintage 2.55 Chanel bag, or the Hermès Initiale bag designed by Martin Margiela during his time as creative leader at the legendary fashion house.

7. Support small business

Many vintage shops are small, independent businesses run by passionate individuals. Many of us gladly spend a little extra to have the luxury of shopping a well curated selection of vintage goodies. Be it in a physical store or from our favorite Depop, Vestiaire Collective, or eBay sellers virtual shop.

8. Cultural & historical value

Vintage clothing can provide a glimpse into the past, providing an opportunity to learn about fashion history, culture and style. Something most of us are more than happy to cultivate. Style nerds unite! 😎

To summarize

Overall, buying vintage clothes can be a more sustainable, cost-effective, and unique way to express yourself through fashion, while also supporting small businesses and preserving fashion history.

Curious about vintage shopping? Don't miss our 6-step guide to get started with Vintage and Second Hand!


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